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The world might be in a weird a place right now, but some things haven’t changed: date nights and supporting local. We may not be “eating out” in the traditional sense of visiting a restaurant, but my fiancé and I find opportunities each week to support a local eatery by ordering take out or curbside. Our most recent endeavors was to Jarocho’s Mexican Seafood in Kansas City, Kansas. 

We began our first week of quarantine with a meal plan, but by the end of the week I was faltering under the weight of working-from-home, homeschooling and feeding my son 22 snacks a day. By Friday, it was restaurant curbside pickup to the rescue!

My kids were begging to go somewhere, anywhere, in the car so we decided to celebrate the weekend with Joe’s Kansas City Barbecue at their original Kansas City, Kansas gas station location.

Like many restaurants, Joe’s has stepped up to the

Get to know some of the local artists whose work can be found woven all throughout Kansas City, KS. Lydia Knopp

Lydia Knopp is a native and creative of Kansas City, KS. Alongside other artists, she completed a mural project in summer 2019 about the Native and African American histories of her hometown neighborhood of Rosedale in Kansas City, KS.

Describe the style and artistry of the work you do...

Lydia: I'm graphic designer by trade, but grew up loving nostalgic stuff & history. I really love collage,

Why is taking a vacation so important you may ask? Studies show planning and taking time to get away can strengthen personal relationships, improve professional performance and promote our health and wellness. Basically, taking a vacation is just plain good for our overall wellbeing. So why did more than 55% of Americans report not using all of their vacation days in 2018 – a number that totals up to 768 million unused vacation days? For the health of our nation, we in Kansas City, KS think it’s time to change that. If you need some nudging, here are five reasons to plan for a vacation to Kansas City, KS this year.