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Jose Faus


Jose Faus is the well-known artist behind the iconic outdoor murals that distinguish Kansas City, KS, neighborhoods. The landmark, two-block-long mural along Metropolitan Avenue in Argentine ― painted 20 years ago ― is without question a source of community pride. As with all of Faus’ expansive murals, the Argentine mural was inspired by local history and events, in this case dating back to the 1800s. Here’s a cool deal:  Faus involves young and aspiring artists from the neighborhoods in painting the murals. The man is a master mentor! 

You'll see a lot of friendly, local faces in Kansas City, KS. Here's one to remember! Connie Remington, Front Desk Ambassador for the Chateau Avalon Hotel, Spa & d'Nile Wine Bar.

Connie Chateau Avalon


Tell us about yourself/business/organization? This is my second career following retirement from the corporate world. I’ve been in the hotel business approx. 9 years with the last 5 here at the Chateau Avalon Hotel, Spa & d'Nile Wine Bar. Love meeting all types of people. Every day brings a new set of

Christmas is just around the corner, and we all know what that means…winter break. After all the excitement of Christmas has faded, what’s a kid to do? Well, we may have just the answer: Winter Day Camps! That’s right, day camps are not just for summer anymore. There are so many options to turn those winter blahs into winter bonanzas! From Sky Zone trampoline camps, to coding and STEM camps, to creative arts and crafts, there is something to get every kid engaged and keep them from turning into winter-break zombies.

Hassle-Free Holiday Dinners

By Guest Blogger on November 19, 2019

Family Dining at Great Wolf Lodge

Looking for holiday dinner options during your business trip or stay in Kansas City, KS?  Tired of cooking and slaving away for Holiday dinners?  Check out some of the restaurants in our area that are happy to do the cooking and cleaning for you while you enjoy that extra time with your family! 

So it’s fallen on you to plan the family reunion. On the stress and difficulty scale, organizing a family reunion falls somewhere between planning a wedding and throwing a birthday party for a loved one. By nature, family reunions are hard to plan because they involve reuniting people - many of whom live in different places with vastly different schedules and availability. The keys to planning a great family reunion, however, are to maximize attendance, stay true to your family when it comes to specifics, and make sure you have some help.

A girlfriends getaway filled with shopping, dining and fun

By Lori Barnes

What do you get when you take 3 life-long best friends; add 3 weddings, 3 new houses, 1 cross-country move, 1 new baby, and 1 baby on the way? The answer is busy.

Alissa, Sarah, and I met when I moved to Kansas City 23 years ago; we were in the 2nd grade! Our friendship has stood the test of time throughout all these years, and we’ve celebrated so many milestones together: birthdays, graduations, concerts, awards, new

Family Fun With a Twist

A Kansas City, KS staycation features education and entertainment

By Erin Barnes

With three active sons and a free Saturday, I took it upon myself to formulate a plan for a Saturday staycation. Kansas City is rich with history, beauty, parks, museums, cultures and customs. After a little research online, I had my line-up. I knew that everything would appeal to my sons—ages 10, 8 and 6. I was also on a mission to get my husband, Trevor, and children to learn to love