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Nothing beats the atmosphere of a busy taqueria where you hear the sizzling of carne asada or get to witness the taquero cutting Al Pastor meat right off the trompo for your tacos. Unfortunately, the scenes of a taqueria have been replaced with limited seating and a quieter atmosphere to maintain safe and socially distanced dining. Although there’s no replacement for the experience of getting tacos, there is an alternative to getting your taco fix on the go!

Many of the taquerias in Kansas

While the season and its celebrations look a bit different, holiday cheer is something that can still be found. Missing the people who matter the most? You can send your loved ones near and far a piece of Kansas City, KS this winter. Read on for our guide of gifts that shout “KCK” from local makers and businesses.  Hint: You can also make your own days a little merrier by grabbing these local finds for yourself too!  

Those who know him refer to El Menudazo owner, Lionel Lucero, as “the doctor.” While the Chicago native didn’t go to medical school, he does know how to cure an angry hangover or case of the Sunday morning sleepies. Locals will begin lining up at 7:30 a.m. on weekend mornings for El Menudazo’s offerings. The menu is small, but the nourishing, traditional menudo and savory birria tacos and stew with rich consomé broth leave customers feeling satisfied and eager to go back.  

Hi! My name is Anakaren and I am a Chef in Kansas City and I was raised in KCK in the Argentine neighborhood. Given the amazing response to the movie Coco a few years ago more and more people are becoming interested in creating an altar for the Day of the Dead. It’s a beautiful tradition that has been around for many generations and it’s celebrated all over Latin America. One of the traditional drinks you will see being made during this celebration is Champurrado, a warm chocolate drink thickened with corn flour. It’s easy and made in minutes. Perfect for all Winter long too! Hope you enjoy the recipe and that you have a fun time creating your own altar to celebrate those you have loved. - Chef Anakaren Ibarra-Dumovich.

KCK Taco Trail 101

By Rebekah Baughman on September 21, 2020

Let your tastebuds lead the way on the most epic taco experience Kansas City has to offer. The KCK Taco Trail will take you to authentic taquerias, mouth-watering meat markets, homey Tex-Mex eateries and everything in between. No downloading an app or purchasing a passport required! Simply sign up, eat tacos, check in and redeem your rewards.