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When it’s cold outside these Kansas City, KS comfort food dishes will bring the warmth from within.

Vietnam Cafe Pho

Pho from Vietnam Café

This classic Vietnamese dish fills a giant bowl with broth, rice noodles and your choice of meat like beef, meatball or chicken. To make the dish completely your own, each dish comes with a place of herbs, lime, sprouts and jalapenos. Vietnam Cafe

Woodyard Barbecue

Burnt End Chili from Woodyard BBQ

Woodyard’s smoked burnt ends add a heartiness to this twist on a cold-weather staple that

October NASCAR races are upon us, meaning thousands will gather in Kansas City, KS for one big, adrenaline inducing, engine roaring weekend. No matter who you’re bringing with you to the Hollywood Casino 400 or any of the NASCAR events happening October 18-20, you can keep the heart-thumping good times happening all throughout the city with these fun things to do 10 minutes or less from Kansas Speedway

Barbecue and tacos are without a doubt the first types of cuisine outsiders think of first when they hear Kansas City, KS. However it’s a local secret that delicious, piping-hot pizza is never too far from reach. October is National Pizza Month! In Kansas City, KS you’ll find plenty of spots to grab your slice of the pie. 

Fall in the Midwest arrives with crisp air, trees transformed into orange, yellow and red wonders, and the lingering smell of bonfire sticking to your sweater. It welcomes in annual events and seasonal activities saved only for this special time of year. If you’re doing fall in the Midwest, you’ll want to make these five ideas your official bucket list for celebrating this autumn’s arrival in Kansas City, KS.

Renaissance Festival King and Queen 2019

1. Check out some of Kansas City’s favorite festivals

The Kansas City Renaissance

“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it.” 

A nod to the classic film Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, which exemplifies the art of living life to its fullest: Be spontaneous, rebel against your normal routine, and plain and simple, just HAVE FUN! And, what better way to stimulate the senses in Kansas City than by placing yourself in the passenger seat of an authentic NASCAR car as a professional driver reaches speeds of 170mph and sends your heartbeat through the theoretical roof! 

Each fall ushers in a new crop of U-pick apples, with memories of time spent wandering orchard rows together and smells of delicious spices simmering on my stove. And I’m again reminded that the very best things in life – time spent with family and simple, delicious food – need not cost a lot of money. 

Let’s be honest, we all love to experience those memories that make us look back and think, “I was so in the moment I forgot to take any photos!” There’s also something satisfying (maybe some of us are more willing to admit it than others) about snapping the perfect fall photo, complete with warm tones, leaves, pumpkins and maybe even a glass of red wine. So if you are in search for that one seasonal backdrop, here’s a few spots in Kansas City KS that will seamlessly flow with your fall aesthetic.