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Kansas City, KS is home to a rich diversity of ethnicities and cultures. And as a result, the city is a veritable treasure trove of authentic restaurants that showcase the flavors and traditions of a number of varying populations. Prepare to feast your way around the globe—no passport required!

Transport your tastebuds at Bonito Michoacán and El Camino, longtime favorites in downtown Kansas City, KS.  Prices are affordable and the portions are generous, so bring your appetite! If you’re not sure what to order, the asada tacos are a popular choice, closely followed by pastor tacos (marinated pork that’s simmered with pineapple and onions).

Who needs to go all the way to New York for authentic New York-style pizza? Instead, head to Italian Delight, a favorite Kansas City, KS restaurant for more than three decades. Grab a slice and add your favorite toppings, or try the Stromboli, meatball sandwich or a big plate of pasta.


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