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After a long year of social distancing and small gatherings, everyone seems ready to spend the Fourth of July weekend celebrating the new found independence from the pandemic. We've got a list of family fun, fireworks and food to help you celebrate America's birthday. Here's 5 firework displays in or near Kansas City, Kan. that'll be blast ! 

When business ideas are seemingly born on accident because your friends and family demand it, that's saying something, and that's how Woodyard Bar-B-Que was born! Exploring all things KCK, Woodyard has been on my hit list for a long time, and as we pulled up to its lay of the land, I immediately was enamored with its rustic, homey, and pastoral vibe. After being drawn to Woodyard's bright yellow signage, your eyes then divert to the collage of famous appearances it has landed over the years, from Anthony Bourdain, to Guy Fieri and Andrew Zimmern all taking notice. And for obvious reasons; the ambiance is unique with its outdoor pit and relaxed deck seating, and the classic BBQ favorites are a piece of the Kansas City tradition in supporting all of our local Pit Masters' creations. 

Great Wolf Lodge

Kansas City, KS is fun for kids through grandparents

My husband, Randy, and I consider ourselves lucky and we have four grandchildren to prove it. Our two grandsons and two granddaughters are between the ages of six and twelve, and it feels like each time we see them their personalities have become more pronounced.

Our oldest grandchild, Ivan, is almost a teenager, preoccupied with his sports and his teammates. His little sister, Allison, is eight, and misses her brother when he’s not around.

Great Wolf Lodge outside

Making memories with extended family time away

It was ten minutes before 10a.m., almost time for the Great Clock Tower Show in the lobby of Great Wolf Lodge. I looked around me, checking off a mental roll call of our crew: my husband, Aaron, our 10-year-old daughter, our two boys—ages seven and 13—my 60-something parents, and—wait.

“Where’s Grammy?!”

My mom disappeared down a hallway to find my 85-year-old grandmother and emerged slightly out of breath several minutes later with Grammy in tow.

Get active in Kansas City, Kansas

Our family lived in rural Kansas when my two kids were young and their summers were spent playing in the woods behind our house. They built forts with sticks, swam in the creek and climbed trees that their imaginations transformed into everything from pirate ships to the jungles of Africa. Family vacations were spent camping, and weekend hikes were the norm.

When we moved to Kansas City, Kan. several years ago, we were pleased to find so many great outdoor

Spending time outdoors is sure to reduce stress, brighten your mood and promote happiness. June is National Great Outdoors Month and what better way to celebrate than to plan a trip to spend some time in nature. We've put together a list of outdoor attractions in Kansas City, Kansas that will give you a boost of fresh air.   

In 2020 Sporting Kansas City celebrates 25 years of Major League Soccer in Kansas City! Before rebranding in 2010, the team was founded in 1996 as the Kansas City Wizards. This March will mark their 10th home opener at the state-of-the-art Children's Mercy Park in Kansas City, KS! The new season also brings a variety of upgrades to the stadium including new technology, new partnerships and new places to indulge in game day eats! Here's the lowdown on what you can expect from the 2020 Sporting Kansas City season. 

Spring Break has arrived for kids and families around the country this month. Parents may find themselves looking for something fun and exciting to do with their family during this much-deserved break. Kansas City, KS has a variety of kid-friendly things to do that are sure to keep the whole gang entertained.
We have taken the guesswork out of planning and put together an itinerary of KCK activities that will keep the kids busy and stress-free for mom and dad.


Wyandotte County Lake

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Kansas City, Kan. is the perfect destination for a family looking to maximize fun and minimize cost.

My girls, Sarah and Ashley, play just about every sport imaginable, but softball is their favorite. A few weeks ago, my husband, Will, and I took the whole family, including their little brother Sam, to a tournament in Kansas City, Kan. We had come to town for the games, but in our downtime the kids weren’t interested in just chilling at the hotel. After the third complaint of “Mom, I’m

kansas city speedway

Nothing quite prepared me for an actual day at the track. “Can you feel it, yet?” asked Dave as we pulled into the parking lot of Kansas Speedway in Kansas City, KS. I finally understood what he had been talking about—that palpable buzzing of excitement that surrounds race day. Dave is the big car racing fan in our family, and we were bringing our 7-year-old twin boys to their first race. It was my first race, too. Don’t get me wrong. I’m a big sports fan. I’ve been to more Royals and Chiefs