Retreats are a powerful and fun way to refocus and refresh as a group, large or small.  Kansas City, Kan. offers a variety of options for retreats from ziplining to group-friendly attractions and spiritual centers. 

If you’re looking for a center that offers a get away from everyday life, consider Sanctuary of Hope which is located right in the heart of Kansas City, Kan. With thirty-three acres of natural beauty, wildlife, trees, foliage, flowers and several beautiful shrines, Sanctuary of Hope is an ideal setting for spiritual reflection, contemplation and prayer. 

Take your group off the beaten path and still close to all the amenities in the city at Suite Tea.  Located inside the Watkins “C” Ranch, Suite Tea is neatly tucked away in the heart of the city surrounded by nature. The experience provides a luxury camping experience including a comfortable bed and running water for guests. Amenities include access to horseback riding lessons and trail rides, boho picnics, outdoor holistic massages, and yoga classes. Groups of all ages will enjoy stargazing while roasting marshmallows around the campfires. 

If your organization and employees are looking for a thrilling way to connect and bond, there are options for day retreats or short getaways that thrill and excite. Zip KC offers hike and zip tours, a tower tour and an Ultimate adventure tour which lets you choose your level of adventure as you connect with your team.  Soar high above the bluffs of the Kansas River on 9 zip lines stretching over 5,800 feet and reaching up to 50 miles per hour. This is an experience your team will remember!