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What a better way to honor our veterans, military service persons and fallen heroes this Memorial Day than to take a tour of all the great veteran and war memorials in Kansas City, KS and Wyandotte County? Whether or not you have friends or family in the service, have served yourself, are an avid history buff, or just appreciate what it means to be an American, there is always value in taking the time to pay tribute to the sacrifices that were made for our country.

As spring makes her appearance and the storms bring about a lovely floral array, we are reminded of beauty, regeneration and growth. All of these things, also achievements that ages of developing empowerment have inspired women to contribute, are certainly worth appreciating this Women’s History Month. It is no doubt that many brilliant women have had a substantial influence expanding our knowledge as a population and advancing our societies since the beginning of time. These remarkable women come from all over the world, but there are women like them in every town and city on the map—even the city you call home. Let’s take a journey back in time to honor some of the most notable women to come from Kansas City, Kansas.

On a beautiful Fall morning, we headed off to see what the day held. We needed a caffeine fix to get us started. This made the decision of our first stop simple. We had seen a lot of social media buzz about a new coffee shop in the Strawberry Hill district. As we exited I-70 onto Central Avenue, we could already see the cars lining the street in front of Splitlog Coffee. ​

With the blink of an eye the sun is out, the weather is warming up, and everyone seems to be catching that familiar spring fever. Visitors getting away for a few days and locals looking to occupy their young ones will be pleased to discover all of the kid friendly sites, restaurants and activities found in Kansas City, KS. Here are a few free, fun and even (shhh...) educational ideas for you to include in your spring break plans!

The Holiday Spirit is Alive in Kansas City, KS

With all the hustle and bustle in the world today, it can be tough to find time to create those magical moments that truly put you in the holiday mood. But don’t tear up your Christmas list and say bah humbug just yet! Here’s what you can do in Kansas City, KS to have you “Ho Ho Ho-ing” in no time. 

With no real majority of ethnicity, Kansas City, KS is a true melting pot of culture, and has been since its beginning! There are many museums and historical sites throughout the city that cover its fascinating history and tell the stories of the different ethnic groups that have made it what it is today. But there are three museums in particular that provide an even deeper look into the past.

It’s no secret that food is a delicious component to Kansas City culture, and Krizman’s Sausage has been a part of this for more than 75 years. At the locally-owned and operated meat market located in the historic Strawberry Hill area of Kansas City, KS, the Krizmans have been welcoming locals and visitors into their family from the start.

Blog: Back in Time 03There is no question about it, Kansas City, KS is an exciting place to be. We've got the world’s tallest waterslide, award-winning barbecue, and new places to shop popping up left and right. Recently, we've been praised for our authentic taquerias and surprisingly (to those who don't know us as well) exciting nightlife. There’s a lot going on, and there is even more to come – but it’s got me wondering a little about what made this unique city the place it is today. I consider myself somewhat of