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Author: Alex Johannes

Alex Johannes of Food Gal Al believes food should be delicious, simple, and fun. When she’s not creating new recipes or experimenting with fun ingredients – she loves to explore local hot spots and act like a tourist in her own town.  Food Gal Al feels that food tells the story of a city’s culture and believes it is the best way to get to know a town and its people. Food is her love language. Alex knows that cooking, eating, and appreciating food is a language as old as time and knows no barriers. Food makes her feel connected to others in a way where words often fall short.

Alex is a writer, dreamer, and the middle child of six.  She is also a crazy plant lady, loves a good vintage find, and laughs at her own jokes. Alex lives with her partner Matt and French bulldog, Francois.

Other Interests: Yoga, Running, Podcasts, Audiobooks, Being Outdoors, Weekend Trips, Art, Music, Animals, and Spending time with her Big Family.

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On a sunny Saturday, I found myself crunching through the fall leaves in the Strawberry Hill neighborhood, situated in Kansas City, Kansas right on 5th street. I admittedly had never been to Strawberry Hill, though I’ve heard of it many times. It reminded me of a Hallmark movie come to life! The way the sun hit the fall colored leaves with the mom and pop stores and restaurants that dotted the main drive. It is a darling and quiet little reprieve from the hustle and bustle of downtown Kansas City, just 5 minutes down the way. 

At Bichelmeyer Meats, people come for the meat market, but stay for the tacos.

Every Saturday, Bichelmeyer Meats transforms into a bustling taqueria serving tacos, tamales, and quesadillas along with the usual meat market patrons. Customers sit family style on one of the several banquet style tables clad with red-checked tablecloths and set with plastic green lawn chairs. Everyone in the joint is in good spirits, and once you take your first bite of taco – you soon find out why. 

When I heard about Jarocho’s Pescados y Mariscos (Jarocho’s), I immediately put the restaurant on my long “restaurants to try” list. Everyone I know that has been to Jarocho’s raves about the delicious seafood and it was even rated the best seafood restaurant by Feast Magazine in 2017. Exquisitely plated Veracruz inspired seafood right in Kansas City, KS? I knew I needed to move this restaurant up in priority, and I was curious: could Jarocho’s really live up to its hype?