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Jeff and Crystal of Our Changing Lives Blog, are Baby Boomers who love to explore this amazing world around us. Being based in Kansas City, many of their visits are focused in the center of the U.S, although they also like to take the occasional longer journey. While jetting away to various exotic locales can be intriguing, they still prefer to travel by automobile when possible. This allows them to investigate all the nooks and crannies, and root out those hidden gems.

While they love to read about backpacking through Thailand or cliff diving in Mexico, sometimes they just want to know about things closer at hand. Perhaps you are looking for a great weekend day-trip, a nearby museum or just a place to catch a bite to eat. That's the kind of things they'll be focusing on.  Jeff and Crystal will share with you their insider experiences, honest opinions and easy to use reference for your own travel plans.

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Winter in the Midwest can be a mixed bag of surprises. The old saying about Kansas is that if you don’t like the weather just wait five minutes and it will change. While it may not be that drastic, we can experience a wide variety of temperatures in one week. After a couple of months of these fluctuations, we were ready for a break, but wanted to stay close to the hometown. No problem with that, since there are plenty of places to escape to right here in Kansas City, Kansas.

On a beautiful Fall morning, we headed off to see what the day held. We needed a caffeine fix to get us started. This made the decision of our first stop simple. We had seen a lot of social media buzz about a new coffee shop in the Strawberry Hill district. As we exited I-70 onto Central Avenue, we could already see the cars lining the street in front of Splitlog Coffee. ​

Kansas City, Kansas has the distinction of being known as "The Melting Pot of the Midwest". My wife and I traveled to the far eastern edge to learn the history of the Strawberry Hill area. Originally named Splitlog Hill after the wealthy mill owner, Mathias Splitlog. He parceled out the land to emigrant families from Eastern Europe.