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Author: Cynthia Wright

Cyndi is a writer, wife, and mother of three little girls. Writing is her passion, and MrsWrightWrites.com is the small portion of the web she’s dedicated to doing just that. There she shares tidbits about parenting, career, and balancing the two. Cyndi graduated from Park University with a BS in Social Psychology with a minor in Social Work. She is a lifetime learner, and is looking forward to attending Graduate School at Friend’s University – Kansas City in the fall to pursue licensure as a Marriage and Family Therapist. When she’s not busy with family, school, or writing; Cyndi enjoys volunteering at local organizations around the Metro (and sometimes even curling up with a book, when she finds the time).

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Cold weather months don’t have to mean that all of your family’s fun and travel are put on pause. Since the time around holidays and the New Year can be so chaotic, our family often finds that this is when we need to disconnect from our daily life and unwind more than ever. We did just that as we celebrated our daughter Caelyn’s birthday at Great Wolf Lodge! She was turning 4 years old, and we wanted to make it a special adventure for her.

Fall family outings have a way of attaching themselves to your memories for a lifetime. Maybe it’s the alluring aroma of fall, or perhaps it’s the crisp contrast of the fall colors. Whatever the case, I’ve found that fall can help produce some of the most special moments with family and friends. This year we didn’t have to look far to find an adventure. We simply packed up the family and headed to Kansas City, KS for what would become one of our family’s most fun adventures! 

It’s said over and over today that kids just don’t understand the meaning of play like they used to. The good old days where toys seldom required batteries, and exploration and creativity reached far past the limits of the World Wide Web. While it may seem like the whimsical memories of younger days are a thing of the past, I often find myself finding things that allow me to experience a blast from the past. At Marble Crazy, however, I had the rare opportunity to bring my entire family along for the ride!