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Author: Tayler Marquess

Tayler is the founder and writer of The Kansas City Collective. Tayler is originally from Arizona but graduated from the University of Kansas with a BS in Journalism with an emphasis in Strategic Communications and a minor in Business. As a new Kansas City resident, Tayler set out to discover local Kansas City restaurants, shops and events. She later on decided to share her love for the city with others through her blog. She currently works as a Brand Strategist at Gragg Advertising while running The Kansas City Collective. When she’s not doing those things, you can find Tayler at different local coffee shops, out trying new restaurants or taking her two dogs to the dog park.

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Visit Kansas City, Kansas sent me on a day of fun to discover art, food and drinks in places you may not think to look. If you're looking to take family or friends on a day of adventure then this agenda is for you. I went to a quaint but eccentric art gallery, saw some incredible murals, ate some amazing pizza and cozied up at a lounge to end the day. During the summer months, it’s hard to come up with a plan that everyone will enjoy but this adventure was one that could cater to many.