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Author: Nick Moreno

Nick Moreno is currently a student at UMKC. He is slated to graduate in December 2018 with a degree in communications with an emphasis in mass media and journalism. He will also receive a minor in political science. 

Nick is an "Original Dotte" born and raised in Argentine. He's spent most of his life in Kansas City, KS and is very passionate about the culture. He currently is living in the historical Strawberry Hill neighborhood with his girlfriend - also an Original Dotte, and their puppy, Luna. This summer, Nick is interning at the Kansas City Kansas Chamber of Commerce, assisting in marketing, social media partnerships and events. He hopes to be an integral part of the area as it continues to grow. 

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Twitter: @nikholithegreat

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Do you love soccer? I love soccer. I love playing soccer, watching soccer, and reading about soccer. I grew up playing soccer. Nearly every day of my childhood included playing soccer at Ed Alvey park right down the street from where I grew up.

So, rightfully, I love that Kansas City, Kansas, is such a vibrant home to soccer. In my youth, I never imagined soccer being so popular in our community. The Swope Park Rangers are something that my wildest dreams couldn’t fathom.

The team is