KCK Legacy Trail - Coming Soon!

Explore KCK's vibrant cultures on the KCK Legacy Trail.  The KCK Legacy Trail will feature multiple journeys for visitors to explore and learn about the different ethnic groups in Kansas City, Kan. including Latino, Eastern European, Black Heritage, Indigenous Peoples, and Modern Immigrants.  Through your journey, you'll discover the people, stories and legacies of Kansas City, Kan. 

KCK Legacy TrailExplore.  Check-In. Unlock Prizes

• Complete each Journey to unlock a KCK Legacy Trail print designed by local artists (total of five prints)
• Complete all five Journeys to win a KCK t-shirt and have your name included on the KCK Legacy Trail Wall of Fame

The KCK Legacy Trail is ongoing however, consumers have ONE YEAR, until Dec. 31, 2022 to complete the trail and win prizes.

DISCLAIMER: Sites may be added or taken off due to closure, COVID restrictions and other circumstances which may affect the number of check-ins needed to win prizes.