Hey, I can fly. Let me explain… I can fly with the help of a zip line, a few D-rings, and some great tour guides. But in the pictures, it looks like I can fly!

I recently visited Zip KC - a zip line course that sends you flying through the forest at speeds up to 60 miles per hour! I had never been zip lining before so I wasn’t sure what to expect - maybe I’d hit a tree, maybe I’d drop my camera, maybe a tree would drop my camera (anything is possible), but luckily none of that happened and I had an amazing time! 

 Upon arriving at Zip KC I wasn’t sure if I was in the right place; it’s at the end of a road by some train tracks, but alas, I saw the sign and turned into the compound. I got checked in and weighed, met the guides (Carson and Jimmy who were both awesome), and met two other zippers, Avery and her mom Cindee.
                           Adventure Summer 4

Before we embarked on our journey, we had to assign each other nicknames -- the twist -- it was written on your helmet and you didn’t know what nickname you had been given until the name was called to the platform.

   Nicknames -

  • Cindee nicknamed me “The Rock” because i’m huge and bald (I’m blonde and skinny).

  • I nicknamed Cindee “Draper” because she works in marketing.

  • I nicknamed Avery “Spielberg” because she is a filmmaker.

   After taking a short bus ride up to the first tower and climbing several steps we were ready to zip (FLY!). Now, I have to be honest, it’s pretty nerve racking before jumping off that first tower, but once you lean back and let it rip you’ll have a blast! The first line is the longest, about a quarter mile, but I was surprised how fast I got to the second platform! Fair warning, the brake is a little jarring, but other than that it’s an extremely smooth ride.

                         Adventure Summer 2

                         Adventure Summer 3

  Once I got the hang of zipping, braking and landing I got into a groove and had a bit more confidence, but before I knew it we were on our last tower - The zero gravity drop - this one gave me that rollercoaster feeling in my stomach. It’s a 12-foot free drop and then you gently swing to a stop. Then you’re done and want to go again!

                         Adventure Fall 1

                         Adventure Summer 6

  I really had a wonderful time at Zip KC and highly recommend it to anyone that’s seeking a weekend thrill. Speaking of weekend thrills, my next stop was the Hollywood Casino because nothing brings you down from an adrenaline rush like going to a casino.

                         Adventure Summer 7

  Okay to be fair I wasn’t really there to gamble, I was there to check out the Turn 2 Sport Bar & Restaurant, a unique sports bar located inside the Hollywood Casino on the second turn (hence the name) of the Kansas Speedway.

                         Adventure Summer 13

                         Adventure Summer 7

Zip lining makes you hungry (it’s science) and I was in the right place. I ordered their Boerger’s Burger, Pepperoni Pizza, and a Cheesesteak. Also, my dinner partner Sara, from the Casino’s marketing department, chose the Chicken Cobb Salad which looked fantastic, but I wasn’t there for salad. Full disclosure - I didn’t finish everything I ordered because I’m not Takeru Kobayashi. Instead I sampled each dish and then took home three boxes of unfinished food which I enjoyed later.

             Adventure Summer 9Adventure Summer 9                      

Here is a brief description of the food I ate from a non food critic -

  • Boerger’s Burger - The biggest cheeseburger I’ve ever had. It took all my jaw strength to face this beast down, but I did it.

  • Pepperoni Pizza - Solid. The main thing about pizza is it’s good no matter what.

  • Cheesesteak - I’ve never been to Philly so I don’t I have the moral ground to judge a cheesesteak, but this particular one was great.

                          Adventure Summer 10

    In all seriousness, the food was delicious and the atmosphere at Turn 2 is amazing. They have tons of televisions, one of them is a massive screen behind the bar! They host Royals watch-parties, Karaoke night on Thursday, and obviously they love Nascar. Do yourself a favor and check this place out. Watch a game, watch a race, or sing Karaoke!

                         Adventure Summer 12

    I had such a good time visiting Zip KC and Turn 2. Both are very unique places you need to experience for yourself!