Get to know some of the local artists whose work can be found woven all throughout Kansas City, KS. 

Robin Case is an assemblage artist/painter/muralist/former resident of New Orleans now living in Kansas City. Born and raised in theRobin Case deep South, she spent countless hours drawing photos of her horse and of nature as a young girl. She received BFA from the University of Kansas in Lawrence, as a hot glass artist, and painter. She returned to New Orleans after where set up her painting studio, but later returned to Kansas City in 2005 due to Hurricane Katrina.

Now in Kansas City, she has developed a deep sense of belonging. As a member of the arts community Robin has participated in various group shows, mural projects, workshops and fundraisers. She has also taught mural painting in grade school and  high school settings. 

Her work, a mural titled, "Reading Can Take You Anywhere," can be found inside the South Branch Kansas City Kansas Public Library in Argentine. 

On her Reading Can Take You Anywhere mural...

Robin: In 2012 the Kansas City, Ks. Board of Education, along with the Kansas City Kansas Public Library commissioned me to paint and install a mural in the South Branch of the library, on Strong Ave., intended to inspire the youth of the Argentine neighborhood and surrounding area to enjoy all the benefits that the library offers the community, called "Reading Can Take You Anywhere". It remains one of my favorite projects to date.

From Argentine to Kaw Point, the history of Kansas City, Kansas and how it came to be the thriving community it is, always interests and inspires Robin.

On her inspiration from Kaw Point...

I visited Kaw Point one summer morning and ended up spending the whole day there, mesmerized by the way the currents change at the point, and marveling over the beauty of it all. I'm hoping to go back soon. It's a truly peaceful spot, well worth seeing! Lewis and Clark stopped there on their way west, and sitting at the confluence of the Missouri and Kansas Rivers, it is home to a variety of migrating birds, and wildlife, with winding trails and an amphitheater! Go see it!

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