National Hispanic Heritage Month happens each year from September 15 - October 15. These dates fall between the independence days of many Latinx countries including  Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua, who all celebrate their independence on September 15. In addition, Mexico, Chile and Belize celebrate their independence days on September 16, September 18, and September 21. 

Kansas City, KS has a vast history of LatinX culture, which began in 1910 when many migrated from Mexico to the Armourdale and Argentine communities following jobs working in railroads, meat-packing plants, and  farm labor. Today, the LatinX influence can be found in these areas, along the Central Avenue corridor and beyond through art, cuisine, shops and annual events and festivals. While events look a little different this year, there’s still plenty of ways you can honor Latinx culture and Hispanic Heritage Month in Kansas City, KS. 

Latino Arts Festival

Be inspired during the Latino Arts Festival’s month long virtual event…

The Latino Arts Festival will be held as a virtual event this year from September 8-30! Each day check back on the Latino Arts Festival Page to enjoy music, see works from local artists from all across Kansas City, watch the festival’s low rider event (September 20) and more. Latino Foundation for the Arts. is a nonprofit organization created to bring forth the fiercely authentic voice of the underrepresented artists through their diverse stories, cultures and beliefs creating an artist based space of their community for their community. If you want to help support the event or the nonprofit that puts it together,  the organization has developed its first ever individual giving fund. Donations can be made here:

Anthology of Argentine Mural

Or set off to see the murals depicting the stories and culture of the Latinx people who call Kansas City, KS home…

The Anthology of Argentine Mural  is one of the largest and most intriguing pieces of art in Kansas. It took 7 artists, including Kansas City, KS artist Jose Faus, as well as artists from Mexico,  nearly 3 months to paint the 660' long, 23' tall wall along 31st and Woodland through Metropolitan Avenue in 1998. The mural tells the history of the Argentine community, beginning with the people of the Hopewell tribe. The story starts at the east end and goes to the right, leading into the future.

El Baile de la Vida, or “The Dance of Life” is a part of the downtown Kansas City, KS Avenue of Murals project, and a tribute to Mexican folklórico dancing. Also designed by Jose Faus and artist Alisha Gambino, the mural portrays dancers in costumes from 19 different Mexican states. They surround a scene of modern day dancers of all ages. The mural includes familiar Mexican images, including La Virgen de Guadalupe, skeletons from Day of the Dead celebrations and the Mexican coat of arms.

la placita

Shop local Latinx vendors at La Placita Central Avenue Market…

Enjoy food, music, family activities, and support local vendors at La Placita Central Avenue Market. This bi-monthly event will happen September 19, October 3 and 17 at Bethany Park.

best restaurants in kansas city ks

Visit one of our city’s 40+ spots for Mexican, Central and South American cuisine…

Did you know Kansas City, KS has more than 40 taquerias and places you can enjoy the flavors of Mexico and Central and South America? You read that number right. Try Cuban food from Chips & Coins, Honduran food from Caribe Blue and Central American eats of all kinds from Sabor Centroamericano. Or go for classic Mexican taquerias and meat markets like El Bonito Michoacán, El Caomino Real and Carniceria y Tortilleria San Antonio

Speaking of tacos, keep on the lookout for our first ever KCK Taco Trail launching October 2020. Keep checking back for more tasty details.

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