Jose Faus


Jose Faus is the well-known artist behind the iconic outdoor murals that distinguish Kansas City, KS, neighborhoods. The landmark, two-block-long mural along Metropolitan Avenue in Argentine ― painted 20 years ago ― is without question a source of community pride. As with all of Faus’ expansive murals, the Argentine mural was inspired by local history and events, in this case dating back to the 1800s. Here’s a cool deal:  Faus involves young and aspiring artists from the neighborhoods in painting the murals. The man is a master mentor! 

Quindaro Underground Railroad Museum


“I can’t think of many places that have a more interesting history than Quindaro. People were part of the Underground Railroad and took in escaped slaves.”

Day of the Dead

Changing City

“Kansas City, KS, is an evolving city. When I was younger we used to come to the private clubs that were along Central Avenue. Now the orientation has changed, the emphasis has changed. The Latino community there is very strong, very resilient. There’s very much a cultural thing happening  across the city.”

Kaw Point

Visit Kaw Point

“When you think about Kaw Point and about Lewis and Clark, Manifest Destiny and all that, there’s a tangible, historical point people can visit. Did you know the first military court marshal west of the Mississippi took place right there? Two of the guys (with Lewis and Clark) were drinking the other guys’ portions of rum and so they were whipped. Must have been brutal!”