KANSAS CITY, Kan. (June 25) – Visit Kansas City Kansas has launched the first phase of its KCK Legacy Trail, which will feature 50 stops when completed. Through five distinct journeys, visitors can uncover the rich cultural heritage and historical contributions of Latino, Eastern European, Black, Indigenous, and Modern Immigrant communities. Visitors can download the free pass and check in to unlock audio stories about each location.     

This self-guided audio tour shares the stories of the diverse communities that have shaped KCK into the city it is today.   

The KCK Legacy Trail is not just a tour; it's a journey through time, honoring the people of Kansas City, Kansas, and Wyandotte County (WyCo). Each of the five journeys features approximately ten stops, each telling the unique history and significance of that location within the broader narrative of KCK's development. These stories come together to paint a picture of a community built by a diverse mix of people, reflecting the true melting pot that KCK is today.    

The KCK Legacy Trail is live now, with 20 stops on the Latino and Eastern European Journeys to explore. To download the pass, go to to sign up. Three more journeys will launch throughout the year, and your pass will be updated with all the new stops.      

Participants can actively engage with the KCK Legacy Trail, exploring, checking in, and unlocking prizes through the Legacy Trail Pass, a mobile-exclusive passport providing access to the audio tour. To get started:    

  1. Get Your Pass: Sign up to receive your mobile-exclusive passport, which includes vibrant cultures to explore in KCK.
  2. Receive Text: Your passport will be instantly delivered to your phone via text and email and ready to use immediately. No app download is necessary, and your pass can be saved to your phone's home screen for easy access.
  3. Check-In: Visit participating locations, ensure your location services are turned on, and check in via GPS to count towards your prize.      

Here are some of the stories visitors will experience:   

Latino Journey:    

  • Baseball at "The Patch": The story of how baseball built a bridge between races in the area known as "The Patch."
    Click Here for a story snippet.  
  • 1951 Flood:  The story of the devastating flood of 1951 that resulted in the displacement of 518,000 people.
    Click Here for a story snippet. 
  • Anthology of Argentine Mural: The story of The Anthology of Argentine Mural, where art tells the tale of years gone by.
    Click Here for a story snippet.     

Eastern European Journey:    

  • Meat Packing: The story of how the stockyards and meatpacking industry drew immigrants to Strawberry Hill.
    Click Here for a story snippet.   
  • Sauer Castle: The story of Sauer Castle, a once grand estate built on the highest point in KCK, that fell into disrepair and today is being restored.
    Click Here for a story snippet. 
  • Building the I-70 Highway: The story of the construction of the I-70 Highway and how it displaced 219 households to change the Strawberry Hill neighborhood forever.
    Click Here for a story snippet.     

All Journeys:  

  • Kansas City Kansas Community College: The story of a community college that serves not only as a source of higher education but as a community touchstone. 
  • Wyandotte County Museum: The story of a museum where visitors can learn about Wyandotte County's history and the people who settled here.  

Complete each journey to unlock a KCK Legacy Trail prize tailored to that journey. For the recently launched Eastern European and Latino journeys, we have prizes created by local artists like Laeden Galicia of DINKC Studios and Elaine Grisnik. Complete all five journeys to win an exclusive KCK Legacy Trail tapestry.    

About the KCK Legacy Trail   

Legendary Stories. Legendary Experiences.   
Explore KCK's vibrant cultures on the KCK Legacy Trail. This self-guided audio tour features multiple mapped-out journeys honoring Kansas City, Kansas's diverse history and cultures, including Latino, Eastern European, Black, Indigenous, and Modern Immigrants. Through these journeys, participants will discover the people, stories, and legacies shaping KCK.      

The Legacy Trail is not just a project, it's a testament to the community spirit and diverse heritage that define Kansas City, Kansas. Developed with the input and support of community stakeholders, it ensures an authentic and enriching experience for all participants.       

KCK Legacy Trail goers are encouraged to use the hashtag #KCkLegacy Trail on social media to share their experiences. For more information and to sign up for the Legacy Trail Pass, visit    

For Media Inquiries:   

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