World War II Bomber Builders Monument

  • Address: 631 North 126th Street, Kansas City, KS 66012
  • Phone: (913) 573-5002
  • Details
  • Located in front of the Wyandotte County Museum, the monument honors employees who built 6,608 B-25 bombers in the Kansas City, KS Fairfax district during World War II. The Kansas City, Kansas plant employed 50,000 people. As many of the men were off serving their country, women found themselves in the work force. This era gave birth to Rosie the Riveter and Winnie the Welder. The main B-25 Bomber plant, with over one million square feet of productive area, stood on the northwest corner of Kindleberger Road and Fairfax Road. This monument was dedicated May 2, 1998, and commemorates those men and women who worked at the Fairfax Bomber plant.