Do you like to exercise? Do you like to eat? I like to do both so I thought I'd check out the Armourdale Hike & Bike Route (exercise) and El Pollo Rey (eating). Those two activities alone take up roughly eighty percent of my day, but it's time well spent. So put on your exercise shorts and your eating bib and do as I do, or don't, but you definitely should. 

Now - one of the greatest things a human can do is workout and the stuff your face immediately after, which is exactly what I did! So I went to the Armourdale Hike & Bike Route, a crushed gravel trail that runs along the Kansas river. Crushed gravel trails are hard to find in the Metro so I was pretty excited when I arrived. Before leaving my house I had planned to run on the trail (I did cross country in college) but it had been years since I’d ridden my bike so I took it out for a spin… Good decision. Riding a bike is fun! If you have a mountain bike do yourself a favor and checkout the trail, it’s relatively flat and you can really get going!

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A couple notes about finding the trail - The hours from April - September are 6:00am to 9:00pm and from October to March is 7:00am - 7:00pm. It’s a little difficult to locate (at least it was for me). Basically just keep going past the Proctor and Gamble building. DON’T go over the bridge, that will take you to the other side of the river. Park under the bridge and walk west to the trail… Then get going!

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Next stop - the eating. El Pollo Rey. They’re known for their hot wings and smoked chicken, so of course I got both. Of all the chicken I’ve eaten throughout my twenty-six years of life this ranks in my top three, no doubt. The sauce; perfect. The juiciness; so juicy. The flour tortillas that come with your order; amazing, how have more people not thought of that, my life will never be the same. In all seriousness this chicken was delicious. My dad liked it too, SO YOU KNOW IT’S GOOD!

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As I’ve established already, exercise and eating are the greatest things a person can do, but biking on the trail and eating delicious chicken immediately after is about as good as it gets. If you find yourself in the neighborhood stop into El Pollo Rey and try the wings, you won’t regret it, and if you crave a workout take a spin on the trail and burn off the chicken calories!