Vania SotoGet to know some of the local artists whose work can be found woven all throughout Kansas City, KS. 

 Kansas City Local artist, Vania Soto, was born in Juarez, Mexico and began selling paintings at age 13. She connects with her by heritage by maintaining influential traditions from its rich past. 

Describe the style and artistry of the work you do...

Vania: My style is a mix between realism and surrealism. I do mostly portraits but I always add a pop of fantastic color representing and celebrating my heritage. 

Where do you find your inspiration?

I find inspiration in both my culture and my heritage. Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera are both big inspirations for me and in my artwork.

Where is a good place in Kansas City, KS specifically to find inspiration?

A good place to find aspiration in Kansas City Kansas is a library for me just because you can research any kind of interest and build upon that to create artwork.

Wyandot Nation Mural

Where can your art be found in the Kansas City area?  

My artwork can be found inside of the Police Athletic League in Kansas City Kansas on the windows. A mural in downtown Kansas City, Missouri in front of the Sprint Center of the Kansas City Chiefs celebrating the Super Bowl win. And you can also find my Wyandot Nation Mural inside Kansas City Kansas Community Collage

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