Get to know some of the local artists whose work can be found woven all throughout Kansas City, KS.

Shai PerryShai Perry is an artist and curator. She received a Bachelor’s of Fine Art from East Tennessee State University, where she studied sculpture and cultural anthropology. She is currently the Gallery Manager for Kansas City Kansas Community College. 

Describe the style and artistry of the work you do...

 In my work there is a reoccurring theme of identity, cultural ancestry, race, and the questions that arise through my process. I believe that the process of creating a work is just as important as the end result.

Where do you find your inspiration? 

My research in cultural anthropology heavily influences my work.  Community and family have been a huge inspiriation for creating interactive works. Studies of life are expressed through my curated series and art installations. 

Where is a good place in Kansas City, KS specifically to find inspiration?

Kansas City, KS has been my home now for 4 years. The rich diversity and kind community have welcomed me. This has given me inspiration and value to my life and work. 

Where can your art be found in the Kansas City area? 

My work can be found throughout Kansas City Kansas Community College. 

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