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Businesses and individuals can use this virtual toolkit as a resource for COVID-19 and vaccine information, and as a way to share your commitment to #KeepWYCOWell.

Marketing Resources 

Social Medial Channels  

Make it as easy for the public to find information on your business when it comes COVID-19 related changes. Communicate often on the precautions and steps you are taking to keep customers and employees safe and healthy. Let them know you’ve taken the Keep WYCO Well Pledge! Here are some examples to post on your social channels below:  

  • We’ve taken the Keep WYCO Well Pledge! By taking this pledge we are committed to taking precautions in order to keep Wyandotte County residents and visitors healthy and safe from COVID-10. Learn more about the pledge and how you can take the pledge to #KeepWYCOWell too at

  • (Your businesses name) pledges to #KeepWYCOWell! What does this mean? We’ve signed the Keep WYCO Well pledge to help contain the spread of COVID-19 in Wyandotte County to keep our residents and visitors safe. Take the pledge and learn more on how you can help at

Website and Social Media Images

Simply right click and save the images to your computer to add them to your social media pages and website. 

We Pledge to Keep WYCO Well

I Pledge to Keep WYCO Well

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Use one of the graphics above as an overlay for your  profile photo on social media. 



Now is a good time to make sure your Google listing is up to date! Make sure to update with any changes of hours, limited services, etc

Edit your Google My Business Listing here 

Visit Kansas City Kansas Partner Extranet for tourism related businesses 

Listings for tourism related business are free, per the KCK CVB. A business continuity tab has been added to listings to update the public on health and safety precautions being taken at this time. Make sure your business is up to date on our website by logging into our Partner Extranet, or e-mail for more information.  

For questions on how to market your business as a Keep WYCO Well partner, please e-mail