Summer Workout Series

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  • Legends Outlets is partnering with Deposit The Work to offer free workout classes on The Lawn every other Saturday this summer! From May 22 through Aug. 21, people of all ages and fitness levels are welcome to attend free, 60-minute workout classes led by Jasper Sanders, a certified personal trainer, and owner of Deposit The Work. Summer Workout Series classes are free to attend and open to the public as space on The Lawn allows. Participants must sign a waiver before each class starts at 9:30 a.m.

    Summer Workout Series Schedule

    May 22:           Total Body Basics

    The basic moves of fitness for a full-body workout


    June 5:           Functional Exercises

    Train your muscles to work together properly with everyday movements


    June 19:         Body Weight Cardio & Abs

    Elevate your heart rate while toning your core


    July 10:          HIIT Training, Arms & Legs

    High paced bodyweight exercises that target your arms and legs


    July 24:          ‘Change of Pace’ HIIT Training, Total Body

    Fluctuate heart rate zones with interval training using all muscles in your body


    August 7:       Challenging HIIT Training, Legs & Core

    Higher-level exercises upping the intensity to maximize fat burning


    August 21:     Finisher, Full Body HIIT

    Testing all the work you’ve deposited this summer

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