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  • A major symposium scheduled for April 20-21 at Memorial Hall in Kansas City, Kansas, which will bring together scholars, historians, archaeologists, community groups, educators and officials, is sparking new interest. The symposium complements a broad-based effort, already in the works, to gain National Landmark status for Quindaro.

    The historical significance of the townsite of Quindaro, Kansas, is an established but growing topic thanks to the diligent work of enthusiasts and the site's listing on the National Register of Historic Places. The history of the community is essential to the telling of the larger national story of abolitionist and antislavery politics in the Civil War era, race relations, women's suffrage, native peoples, the Civil War in the West, and other significant stories of our nation.

    This symposium will contribute to the process of designating the ruins of Quindaro as a National Historic Landmark that will encourage new research, bring this scholarship to a broader public audience, and facilitate discussions about the future of the Quindaro site.

    Since the keynote address and the symposium sessions are in two different locations, participants will need to register for the keynote and the symposium sessions separately. Admission to both symposium events is free.

    The symposium kicks off with a keynote address by Dr. Quintard Taylor, Thursday, April 19, 6-8 p.m. at the Kansas City Public Library's Central Library, 14 W 10th Street, Kansas City, Missouri. To register to attend Dr. Taylor's keynote address.

    On Friday and Saturday, April 20-21, the symposium sessions will be held at Memorial Hall, 600 North 7th Street Trafficway, Kansas City, Kansas. To register for the symposium sessions, please click the "Registration" button below.

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