Night-Time Dinner/Tour at Strawberry Hill

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  • The museum becomes a magical kingdom when viewed in the twilight of the day. Consider a night-time tour of the Strawberry Hill Museum to really get you into the Christmas spirit. The Mansion will be illuminated with all kinds of NEW DECORATIONS  including hundreds of special Christmas lights.  
    The Strawberry Hill Museum will be adding a little something different to this Night-Time Tour. You will start your evening with a true Ethnic Dinner served in the Tea Room. Under candlelight you will be served: Croatian Sarma (cabbage roll), Polish Sausage and Sauerkraut, German Hot Potato Salad, American Green Beans, Greek Tossed Salad, and Dinner rolls.
    Dinner will include wine, ice tea and coffee.
    Small groups will be then be divided to take a tour of the chapel, house, orphanage and museum. With a brief intermission half way through to enjoy English Walnut Povitica, coffee and hot tea for dessert. After dessert you will complete the tour of the museum. 

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