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Before you know it the air will turn crisp and the fall will be in full swing – complete with busy schedules and little time to relax. Don't say so long to summer just yet. Here are five reasons to pack up your car and take one more quick trip to Kansas City, KS.

Dorothy returns to Kansas
The Wizard of Oz is a treasured tale to people all over the world, and this August you can catch one of the most unique adaptations to date in Bonner Springs, KS! Catch Dorothy, Toto and all of their friends at

Despite our children being young, travel is something our family is big on. There's something so special about experiencing new adventures as a family. The main thing we've learned about family travel is that it should involve RELAXATION! So many times, as parents, we embark on vacations overwhelmed, overbooked, and over­stressed... only to return home feeling the same way. I'm guilty of this. I vowed to do just the opposite on my family’s staycation to Kansas City, KS… and I succeeded! I picked up a few tricks along the way.


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