Ladies and Gentleman, soccer is here to stay in Kansas City.  Let me help you lift the rock you’ve been under if you have not heard of Sporting KC.  To get you back in the loop, Sporting KC is a Major League Soccer (MLS) team that calls Livestrong Sporting Park in KCK home.  They are a team and ownership group that has set the bar for stadium and fan experience not only in the Nation but the world. They are a team that has managed to deliver consistent world class soccer in a town, and nation, which is still being introduced to the world’s game. There is a reason everyone has been talking about Sporting KC, and until you experience a game first hand, you’ll never know what you’re missing.

In the past, to experience a futbol (soccer) match firsthand in Europe, allowed me to see how passionate the rest of the world is about this game. You see that passion in Mexico and Africa, and you see that passion in our city every four years during the FIFA World Cup.  That same passion is at every home game for your Sporting KC team. Don’t believe me? Sit in the Members Club and prove me wrong. In my opinion, it is that passion that has allowed Sporting KC to surpass the Kansas City Royals in 2012 as what professional team Kansas City wants to support. Don’t believe me? Go to both games and prove me wrong.

Now, it was my job to entertain my sister and brother-in-law this past weekend as they visited from NYC.  These two have Central Park, Broadway shows, and Yankees games at their finger tip for entertainment. When they got married, they decided New York wasn’t going to cut it, so they got hitched in Paris. Needless to say, the pressure was on to entertain these two in Kansas City.  My sister deserves the best, so the best is what she received – Livestrong Sporting Park. We experience the entire park, witness a win, and even celebrated with the Cauldron after the game. They were so impressed with the entire experience that they are bringing their friends back to KC when we play the NY Red Bulls in August. (Hear it from me, if it impressed my sister, it will impress anyone.) Conclusion, Jimmy Lopez is the best host anyone can ask for, and Sporting KC has built something that everyone will enjoy.

Sure you can watch the news, hear it from a friend, or travel to Europe. However, you have a chance to witness a world-class sporting experience firsthand right down the road! My wife and I look towards the day when our 1-year-old son understands how lucky he is to have Livestrong Sporting Park at his finger tip.  I believe once you experience the park, you will see that same passion I speak of. I believe Sporting KC is here to stay, and as always, “I believe we will win”.

-Jimmy Lopez

Jimmy is the Events Coordinator at Cabela's Kansas City and currently serves as Board Chair of the Kansas City Kansas Convention & Visitors Bureau Inc.