Blog: El Camino RealSome Kansas Citians argue that El Camino Real boasts the city's “most authentic Mexican food.”  I'm not an expert on the matter, though my experience at El Camino Real fit the bill. Watch tortillas roll fresh off the press and on to your plate. Dress your own tacos with fresh cilantro, onion, pico de gallo and lime wedges. Tacos are a big hit here. I loved the asado (steak) but tacos pastor (pork) are the big hit here. On some days, Tacos al Pastor (pork tacos) are only a dollar a piece! A fridge at the back of the restaurant is stocked with signature Mexican beer and even Mexi-cokes to enjoy during your meal. Spanish music fills the restaurant and most workers speak Spanish, though Spanish speaking skills are not a necessity to enjoy the El Camino Real experience.

It's no surprise that lunch goers in downtown Kansas City, Kansas flock to this gem. Its quality and pricing is well worth a visit if you're in the area. Just down the block from the 7th Street Casino, El Camino Real would make for a good place to grab lunch before hitting the slots in the heart of downtown Kansas City, Kansas. I've heard there's also an El Camino Real II in nearby Rosedale. I've not had a chance to visit the other location, but I have no doubt that it lives up to the restaurant's reputation.

 -Stephanie Mingos
Stephanie Mingos is a member of the Business Development team at Sporting Kansas City