When the sun is high and the Midwest temps go up, up, up, these Kansas City, KS delectables will help cool you down.

You may have noticed Paleterias Tropicana shops popping up around the Kansas City metro the last several years. The Kansas City community has embraced this family-owned establishment in a big way since the business moved from Chicago to KC in 2004. The Kansas City, KS location just outside of downtown, is constantly buzzing with locals and visitors looking to get their hands on the fresh Michoacán-style ice pops whose flavors range from as simple as strawberry to as out-of-the-ordinary as sweet potato. Along with this you’ll find a larger-than-life dessert menu, along with more savory options like Mexican street corn and pineapple topped hamburgers.

Paleteria Ice cream

Paleterias ice cream 2

Would you like fries with that shake? Fritz’s Railroad Restaurant is known for its train-themed décor and timeless diner grub, but its classic, thick strawberry, vanilla, chocolate, or cherry milkshakes make a sweet addition to any stop at the Kansas City favorite. Local tip: Order a side of hot, crinkle-cut fries to dip in your shake in for a savory/sweet mix that could very well change your life (or at least your milkshake habits from now on).


Speaking of shakes, you can find those, sundaes, freezes, and more at Kaleidoscoops KCK. With more than 80 flavors available, and 36 served daily, you'll have the option of trying something new every time you stop in! 


When you’re on the hunt for chocolate and you’re craving something tried-and-true, there is probably only one name that comes to mind – Russell Stover. Russell Stovers Candies in the Village West area not only offers its classic boxed candies but ice cream, cookies, and all the chocolate-covered confectionaries you can imagine.

Or stop by the Midway Shopping Center and make your way inside to Boba Blend. Here you'll find a large selection of smoothies, milk teas, fruit teas, and a variety of fun toppings that can be added to any beverage. So go ahead, try a little of everything, or find your own favorite flavor combo!

Boba Blend

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