Would friends call you a daredevil? Do heights and high speeds excite you? Adventure and thrill seekers need look no further for your adrenaline-junkie fix. Kansas City, KS may be known to many for its shopping, barbecue and friendly faces, but before you write it off for a meek-and-mild Midwest town, take a look at some of the not toned-down attractions. WARNING: ATTRACTIONS THIS EXCITING ARE NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART.

Verrückt – a word that means “insane” in German. Insane can be define as, “An action or quality characterized or caused by madness.” It’s no coincidence that Verrückt it is also the name for Schlitterbahn Kansas City’s newest water slide. Added to the water park in summer 2014, Verrückt takes thrills to new heights – 168 feet, 7 inches to be exact. As the world’s tallest waterslide, Verrückt sends to down this incomparable drop at a speed not even a cheetah could beat, only then to send you down 2nd drop of 50 feet. Grab two of your most insane friends and take a ride down the water slide that has made a splash all over the world.

Whether you’re a rookie or a seasoned thrill seeker, the ride or drive of your life can be found at Kansas Speedway. So long to the days of sitting in the stands watching your favorite NASCAR drivers fly by. Richard Petty Driving Experience puts you in the driver’s seat in a real NASCAR stock car, and lets you take up to 50 laps on the race track at the Kansas Speedway. Not quite sure if you’re ready to take the wheel? Just call, “Shotgun!” Take the passenger’s seat and let a professional instructor do the driving.

Just a few minutes from the bustle of the Village West lays the beautiful Bonner Springs, KS. With its convenient location and unique, local shops and restaurants, Bonner Springs is the perfect mix of city and small-town charm. However, with a rush like Adventure Zip KC, Bonner Springs has too much kick to just be quaint. Adventure Zip KC is a 143-acre park, which offers three different zip line tours that let you soar through the air at 50mph! The different tours let you climb a 65-ft tour, explore the beauty of Kansas nature, and marvel at the scenic view of downtown Kansas City. Can you handle this adventure?

So what’s holding you back from checking out these riveting experiences in Kansas City, KS for yourself? Do you still need some convincing? Well then consider yourself dared!  Start planning your trip to Kansas City with our 2015 Visitors Guide and Summer Vacation Magazine. 

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