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Think about the fastest you’ve ever driven your car. For most people, myself included, the fastest they’ve topped out at is 100 MPH. But even then, did you really go 100 MPH??? Did you really see the street signs whizzing past your window? Did you really feel like you had control of your vehicle? Maybe you did, I’ll have to take your word for it.

If you asked me two weeks ago what I knew about roller derby I couldn’t say much beyond the fact that they wear roller skates and Drew Barrymore starred in a movie about it a while back. Oh, and I saw the Kansas City Roller Warriors a few years ago, but my seats were far back and my adorable niece was being a bit distracting. The combination of the two made it hard to pay attention. However, when I heard the Kansas City Roller Warriors were moving from the Kansas City Convention Center to Memorial Hall in Kansas City, KS I was intrigued.

Two weekends out of each year, Kansas Speedway is filled with thousands of race fans from all over the world (enough to make it the 6th largest city in Kansas) eager for roaring engines and burning rubber. This May will be no expectation to the excitement that takes hold of the city with the Toyota Tundra 250 and the Go Bowling 400 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Night Race. But this doesn’t mean Kansas City, KS slows down all other weekends. Here are three weekend adventures that’ll have you racing to Kansas City, KS.

Sports Fanatics

By Maila Yang on April 4, 2015

Sports Fanatics

Urban Dictionary.com defines the term “Sports Fanatics” as a person who loves sports as an entertainment outlet and is highly interested in one or more sport or sports team. Does this sound like you? If so, head over to Kansas City, KS for some tailgating fun. Experience heart-pounding excitement at a NASCAR race at Kansas Speedway or kick it with MLS Sporting KC at their state-of-the-art stadium. Whatever your game is, Kansas City has plenty of outlets for you and your buddies