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Blog: Back in Time 03There is no question about it, Kansas City, KS is an exciting place to be. We've got the world’s tallest waterslide, award-winning barbecue, and new places to shop popping up left and right. Recently, we've been praised for our authentic taquerias and surprisingly (to those who don't know us as well) exciting nightlife. There’s a lot going on, and there is even more to come – but it’s got me wondering a little about what made this unique city the place it is today. I consider myself somewhat of

Family Fun With a Twist

A Kansas City, KS staycation features education and entertainment

By Erin Barnes

With three active sons and a free Saturday, I took it upon myself to formulate a plan for a Saturday staycation. Kansas City is rich with history, beauty, parks, museums, cultures and customs. After a little research online, I had my line-up. I knew that everything would appeal to my sons—ages 10, 8 and 6. I was also on a mission to get my husband, Trevor, and children to learn to love