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If you asked me two weeks ago what I knew about roller derby I couldn’t say much beyond the fact that they wear roller skates and Drew Barrymore starred in a movie about it a while back. Oh, and I saw the Kansas City Roller Warriors a few years ago, but my seats were far back and my adorable niece was being a bit distracting. The combination of the two made it hard to pay attention. However, when I heard the Kansas City Roller Warriors were moving from the Kansas City Convention Center to Memorial Hall in Kansas City, KS I was intrigued.

Summer in Kansas City, KS means music, music and you guessed it – MUSIC. Throughout the season you can catch concerts and music festivals that cover a variety of genres anywhere from blues and jazz to country and classic rock. Here are just a few of the many musical acts you can bob your head to in Kansas City, KS this summer.

Summer in Kansas City, KS means more than a day splashing around in the pool or licking up an ice-cream cone before it melts in your hand (although, those are some of our favorite parts of summer too). On almost any given summer evening, if you listen closely, you can hear live music heating up the city. All throughout the season, many of our attractions offer live musical acts ranging anywhere from local to national artists. So whether you’re looking to take the family out for an evening of

A girlfriends getaway filled with shopping, dining and fun

By Lori Barnes

What do you get when you take 3 life-long best friends; add 3 weddings, 3 new houses, 1 cross-country move, 1 new baby, and 1 baby on the way? The answer is busy.

Alissa, Sarah, and I met when I moved to Kansas City 23 years ago; we were in the 2nd grade! Our friendship has stood the test of time throughout all these years, and we’ve celebrated so many milestones together: birthdays, graduations, concerts, awards, new

Fall Faves in Kansas City, KS

By Maila Yang on October 10, 2014

Fall in Kansas City means beautiful foliage, crisp cool weather and loads of October fun things to do. Check out our FIVE FALL FAVES:

1. Load up the entire generation and head out to Cider Hill Family Orchard. With over 25 acres covered with apple trees, pumpkin patch, a fishing pond, guest house and event barn, there’s enough fun for everyone in the family. Enjoy hayrides, pack a picnic, roast marshmallows around a bonfire and delight in fall goodies such as apple cider doughnuts and warm apple