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Author: Rebekah Baughman

Rebekah is the Marketing & Events Coordinator for the Kansas City Kansas Convention & Visitors Bureau. She graduated from the University of Kansas with a BS in Journalism with an emphasis in Strategic Communications. As a Kansas City, KS native, Rebekah considers herself very well-versed on all the unique components that make her hometown so great. She’s done her part as a tourism advocate for many years by working in hospitality, retail and the service industry. She’s also worked with various nonprofits across the metro area, including the Junior League of Wyandotte & Johnson Counties. When she’s not promoting tourism through the KCK CVB, you can find Rebekah spending time with her family, attending concerts and catching Sporting KC matches, or setting off on culinary adventures throughout the city.

You can contact Rebekah Baughman at Rebekah@visitkansascityks.com.


Why is taking a vacation so important you may ask? Studies show planning and taking time to get away can strengthen personal relationships, improve professional performance and promote our health and wellness. Basically, taking a vacation is just plain good for our overall wellbeing. So why did more than 55% of Americans report not using all of their vacation days in 2018 – a number that totals up to 768 million unused vacation days? For the health of our nation, we in Kansas City, KS think it’s time to change that. If you need some nudging, here are five reasons to plan for a vacation to Kansas City, KS this year.

Kansas City, KS: The other Kansas City, the Dotte, WYCO, KCK, whatever you’d like to call us there is one thing no one can deny – Kansas City, KS is unlike any other city around. From attractions and museums to restaurants and shopping, we aren’t afraid to stand out and those who pay us a visit often leave pleasantly surprised at what this not-so-hidden-anymore gem has to offer. Here are just a few ways Kansas City, KS does things differently. 

When it’s cold outside these Kansas City, KS comfort food dishes will bring the warmth from within.

Vietnam Cafe Pho

Pho from Vietnam Café

This classic Vietnamese dish fills a giant bowl with broth, rice noodles and your choice of meat like beef, meatball or chicken. To make the dish completely your own, each dish comes with a place of herbs, lime, sprouts and jalapenos. Vietnam Cafe

Woodyard Barbecue

Burnt End Chili from Woodyard BBQ

Woodyard’s smoked burnt ends add a heartiness to this twist on a cold-weather staple that