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Posts from June 2016

If you asked me two weeks ago what I knew about roller derby I couldn’t say much beyond the fact that they wear roller skates and Drew Barrymore starred in a movie about it a while back. Oh, and I saw the Kansas City Roller Warriors a few years ago, but my seats were far back and my adorable niece was being a bit distracting. The combination of the two made it hard to pay attention. However, when I heard the Kansas City Roller Warriors were moving from the Kansas City Convention Center to Memorial Hall in Kansas City, KS I was intrigued.

Summer in Kansas City, KS means music, music and you guessed it – MUSIC. Throughout the season you can catch concerts and music festivals that cover a variety of genres anywhere from blues and jazz to country and classic rock. Here are just a few of the many musical acts you can bob your head to in Kansas City, KS this summer.