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Posts from June 2015

Summer in Kansas City, KS means more than a day splashing around in the pool or licking up an ice-cream cone before it melts in your hand (although, those are some of our favorite parts of summer too). On almost any given summer evening, if you listen closely, you can hear live music heating up the city. All throughout the season, many of our attractions offer live musical acts ranging anywhere from local to national artists. So whether you’re looking to take the family out for an evening of

Summer is finally here and vacation is calling.  Load up the kids and head to Kansas City, KS for tons of family fun options.  Kansas City is centrally located and literally a tank away from any city in the United States.  And with so many free and budget-friendly attractions, you can do more for less!  See below for a list of free attractions, events and other can’t-miss summer activities to get you started.


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