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August 29th marks what would be the 100th birthday of the Kansas City, KS born Jazz legend Charlie “Yardbird” Parker. Known for his smooth alto saxophone, Parker was a highly influential soloist and leading musician in the development of bebop, a form of jazz characterized by fast tempos, technique, and advanced harmonies.

Charlie Parker

Parker was raised in KCMO, near the Westport area. He began playing sax at the young age of 11 and later joined his school band at Lincoln High School. He left school in

High & Dry

You'll see a lot of friendly, local faces in Kansas City, KS. Here's a couple to remember! Emily and Jordan Fox, owners of High and Dry Cactus Co.

1) High and Dry Cactus Co. is a first of its kind for Kansas City, KS. Tell us about what sparked the idea to open up your shop and show room?

My wife and I fell in love with our neighborhood immediately upon moving into our house, and felt that because of our passion for our part of KCK, we wanted to add to it in a small way. Our property

Kansas City, KS is a place rooted in inclusion and diversity. Over the years, we have been no stranger to struggle and hardship. We honor and celebrate our diverse make up. We stand against racism and in solidarity with those seeking a more inclusive and just world. Here is a list of restaurants, historical sites, art and tourism businesses you can check out to honor and help support the Black history and community of KCK.  

Guide by Cell

During a time where social distancing is encouraged, our free Guide by Cell Audio Tour is the perfect way to get out and explore Kansas City, KS. Whether you are a history buff or looking for an afternoon activity for your family, the Guide by Cell program allows you to tour Kansas City, KS at your own pace. Learn about the fascinating details of sites and attractions that form the history of Kansas City, KS.

From stadiums to historic sites, the audio tours allow you to customize and categorize

Whether you’ve been together for ten months or married for ten years – maintaining a healthy relationship and finding ways to connect, especially in the midst of a world crisis, is important. During a time where social distancing is encouraged, you may be feeling stumped on ways to celebrate your love. With a tiny bit of forethought, you can still have the perfect date night even if it’s just dinner or taking a romantic stroll.

Here are five date-night ideas you can do right now in Kansas City,

You may not have known Kansas City, KS is home to more than 40 parks, featuring all kinds of amenities for play, relaxation, and enjoying the beauty of the great outdoors. Staying true to the "nature" of Kansas City, KS, many of these parks also share stories of explorers and trailblazers who helped shape the city. Whether you're looking for fresh air, adventure, family togetherness or even  to learn something new, you can use this guide as a quick reference for 12 of our fabulous parks found all throughout Kansas City.

It may seem like good news is hard to find right now. However, during a time of crisis many KCK locals and businesses have stepped up to help those in need. Here is your roundup of good things that happened in Kansas City, KS this week.

Holiday Inn Express

The Kansas City Kansas Convention & Visitors Bureau spent U.S. Travel Associations's National Travel & Tourism Week (May 3-9) honoring hospitality frontline workers throughout Kansas City. The team kicked off the week sponsoring Tamales for Restaurant Workers, a