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You'll see a lot of friendly, local faces in Kansas City, KS. Here's one to remember! Connie Remington, Front Desk Ambassador for the Chateau Avalon Hotel, Spa & d'Nile Wine Bar.

Connie Chateau Avalon


Tell us about yourself/business/organization? This is my second career following retirement from the corporate world. I’ve been in the hotel business approx. 9 years with the last 5 here at the Chateau Avalon Hotel, Spa & d'Nile Wine Bar. Love meeting all types of people. Every day brings a new set of

Why is taking a vacation so important you may ask? Studies show planning and taking time to get away can strengthen personal relationships, improve professional performance and promote our health and wellness. Basically, taking a vacation is just plain good for our overall wellbeing. So why did more than 55% of Americans report not using all of their vacation days in 2018 – a number that totals up to 768 million unused vacation days? For the health of our nation, we in Kansas City, KS think it’s time to change that. If you need some nudging, here are five reasons to plan for a vacation to Kansas City, KS this year.

Kansas City, KS: The other Kansas City, the Dotte, WYCO, KCK, whatever you’d like to call us there is one thing no one can deny – Kansas City, KS is unlike any other city around. From attractions and museums to restaurants and shopping, we aren’t afraid to stand out and those who pay us a visit often leave pleasantly surprised at what this not-so-hidden-anymore gem has to offer. Here are just a few ways Kansas City, KS does things differently.